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Paul Davis, pdinsure, insurance agent
Alberta Bellisario - Insurance Agent
Paul Davis

Years of experience: 32

CA License #0669770

Gabriela Avelar

Years of experience: 15

CA License #0F88331

To represent the companies we are contracted with in a transparent manner.  To share with our clients the pros and cons of various options and help them converge on the best solution.

Insurance products can be complicated, confusing and frustrating.  There are some unique words in the insurance vocabulary.  We act as your interpreter to try to “insure” your understanding. 

Our process:
First, we ask lot of questions and try to understand what you are trying to accomplish.  In some cases we have forms that we ask you to complete.  Second, we do research (if needed).  Third we make suggestions on what might be the most suitable solution.  As best as we can we project ourselves into your situation and circumstances.  Then, we ask ourselves “what would I do if I were this person?”   Sometimes there is a clear and unique solution.  More often there are several possibilities that require us to further discuss and clarify what’s most important to you.  Our goal is to uncover the optimal solution.

Periodic review: 

Whatever product we recommend we know it’s unlikely it will be the most suitable forever.  We try to make contact with every client at least once a year.  For health and Medicare products this is typically at anniversary or during open enrollment.

Our vision, our mission:

Alberta Bellisario

Years of experience: 32

CA License #0A02225

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